Jewelry Care


-Roll the bracelet over your hand to put on and remove. This will prevent unnecessary pulling or stretching which can break or damage it.

-Keep bracelets dry

-Avoid contact with water, harsh chemicals, soaps, perfumes and lotion.

-To clean, simply wipe with a soft damp cloth and dry immediately.

-Avoid using jewelry cleansers on gemstones which can erode or damage the surface

-Store bracelets in a soft pouch away from other jewelry and items to prevent scratching

Please remember that natural and genuine stones and crystals will vary in shape, size, and color. These natural occurrences in the beads add to the beauty and uniqueness of each individual bracelet.

Enjoy the beauty and positive energy of your beaded jewelry!


DIFFUSER OIL BEADS                                                                

Place a drop of essential oil onto the surface of the bead. Rub gently and allow to dry.

Be creative and enjoy the soothing and aromatic scent of your diffuser bracelet!